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Current Designs

Solar Designs either recently completed or in production.

Coles Labrador- 100 kW Design -:            468 Panels with 6 x SMA 3Phase Inverters

 View to the SouthWest Initial LayoutView to the SouthWest Initial Layout

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Portable Office Design -: 12 x Panels 1 x Zues Appolo 4 x 210Ah Batteries.

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Engineering Design

 2 Person Remote Portable Office

The initial Design request was for 12 Solar Panels and Inverter with Generator Backup and Battery Storage to run a 2 person office with Air-conditioning remotely with or without grid, oh and it had to fold for easy storage and transportable. Deployed Solar panels do not transport well. Carried vertically they can withstand considerable force without support. Correctly braced they may be moved horizontally with similar results. The design produced accommodated either configuration. 


 The hinge need to be able to clear all surrounding obstructions without interfering with the lift locations. When folded either horizontally or vertically all lift locations are unobstructed.





 When deployed the vanes of the array are secured to the side of the office via conventional aluminium long tilt feet. (Not shown). 








 Panels may be retracted in either the horizontal or vertical configuration for moving and storage.








Laser Cut and Welded hinge in placeLaser Cut and Welded hinge in place

Finished Laser cut and welded hing in place on the office. Hinges are 12mm plate laser cut to exact specifications to provide exceptional finish. 









 View of hinge panels folded on top of office.

GeSmart was responsible for the mechanical aspects of the Solar design,office fit-out and container conversion was designed and performed by others











Interior fitted out with wood paneling and black grooved feature. Glass doors and windows were fitted in one side and the end of the container




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