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Current Designs

Solar Designs either recently completed or in production.

Coles Labrador- 100 kW Design -:            468 Panels with 6 x SMA 3Phase Inverters

 View to the SouthWest Initial LayoutView to the SouthWest Initial Layout

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Portable Office Design -: 12 x Panels 1 x Zues Appolo 4 x 210Ah Batteries.

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Engineering Design

PCB Design has come long way over the last 3 to 5 years with just about every parts manufacturer with their own online circuit building platform or hooked up with someone else's

GeSmart use several of these platforms to rapidly produce art work for and ultimately the finished PCB board. GeSmart can produce boards from simple hand drawn circuits to complex multi-layer boards containing hundreds of electronic parts. 

 Standard representation of a Circuit Design


 Circuit Board with the Substrate (GreenBoard) removed to show the 2nd layer                                 


Standard View showing the silkscreen layer


 Populated with generic 3d renderings for most components.












































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