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Current Designs

Solar Designs either recently completed or in production.

Coles Labrador- 100 kW Design -:            468 Panels with 6 x SMA 3Phase Inverters

 View to the SouthWest Initial LayoutView to the SouthWest Initial Layout

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Portable Office Design -: 12 x Panels 1 x Zues Appolo 4 x 210Ah Batteries.

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Engineering Design

GeSmart's Solar Designs are thorough and compliant.  With careful observation and a creative hand, we capture our subjects and bring them to life in our designs. The designs can be produced as files or colour printed and bound. You can order a Renewable Energy Design for any type of structure or setting, including industrial Rooftop or Ground Mounted certified structures. If required R.P.E.Q car's can be provided after the commissioning process..





What you get.

Panel Placement Standard

1 x Google Earth Panel Layout with up to 2 buildings and 5 shading obstacles, trees or other simple structures ( .KMZ file)

1 x Energy Yield Estimate
      ( Complies with C.E.C )

1 x Jpg Similar to picture

1 x Sun Path Chart





Optional Extras


Voltage Rise Calculation 

Power Export Limiter

R.P.E.Q Car Report

Power Factor Correction Design

Inverter/Array Stringing with
Conductor gauge and length  

Quality Assurance Curves ( 7 days Certified Meter)

        Current Limit of 3 per day per account

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